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CD Review
W.C. Clark
"Lover's Plea"
Black Top, BT-1145, tracks, minutes
by Kurt Koehler
Singer, songwriter, guitarist and soulman supreme, W.C. Clark has a clear winner with Lover's Plea. Backed up by such great musicians as Chris Layton, Sarah Brown, Tommy Shannon, Derek O'Brien, Riley Osborne, Larry Fulcher, Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff and the Kamikaze Horns, Barry "Frosty" Smith, and too many others mention, W.C. shines throughout all 12 cuts. The producers, Hammond Scott and Kaz Kazanoff, have framed Clark's immens talents with some terrific arrangements and a great mix.

This CD is so much fun to listen to, and the more I hear it the more I like it. The title song, "Lover's Plea", written by Clark, has a great hook and W.C.'s vocals and guitar work are just right. Another W.C. Clark tune, "Are You Here, Are You There?" is a beautiful song that features a very original horn section intro to a guitar solo. It's that kind of creativity of this CD really struck me. From roadhouse blues to soul ballads -- from "Everywhere I go" to "Changing My Life With Your Love" to "Why I Got The Blues" to the rockin' "Do You Mean It" (with a smokin' guitar solo by Derek O'Brien on the intro) -- everythings works. W.C.'s treatment of Al Green's "I'm Hooked On You" is also a fine addition.

Perhaps best known for his formidable singing skills, W.C. Clark is also a very original guitarist with Telecaster cleanliness and terrific phrasing which he clearly displays on this CD. Lover's Plea is a very fine offering from this Austin, Texas based, former SRV cohort, W.C. Clark.

This review is copyright © 1998 by Kurt Koehler, all rights reserved.

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