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CD Review
Sandra Hall
"One Drop Will Do You"
Ichiban Blues 1507-2
by Ray Stiles
What a great sound! Here is Chicago style blues from a label more known for its southern soul/blues. Sandra Hall can really "pump it up" and "dish it out" with her blues shout and soulful growl of a voice. She is a blues belter who sings some powerful Chicago blues and boogie woogie. The CD grabs your attention right from the start with strong harmonica and piano on "Pump Up Your Love." There is some fine boogie woogie piano and Sandra’s full throttle vocals on "Bogie Woogie Fever" and a rollicking cover of Eddy Clearwater’s ‘Party At My House." There is also some super 1950’s Elmore James style slide guitar and Hall’s shouting, growling blues voice on Sylvia Embry’s "I’m Hurtin’." This CD is in my top ten list for 1997.

This review is copyright © 1998 by Ray Stiles, all rights reserved.

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Copyright 1997, 1998 by Ray M. Stiles. All rights reserved.

Copyright 1998 by Ray M. Stiles. All rights reserved.