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CD Review
B.B. King
"King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents...BB King"
King Biscuit Flower Hour Records
By Jeff Fields
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With one listen to the release of B.B. King's King Biscuit Flower hour show, it is no wonder how one becomes king of the blues. The King can flat out play and has for over forty years. And this show stands as another jewel in the kings' crown.

The show was recorded over two nights in New York City and features jazz great George Benson and blues brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter. The addition of these players only compliment the uncomparable BB King. This is especially evident when B.B. brings on the Winter brothers for a great take on "Goin Down Slow." A text book take on how to lay down a smoldering slow blues tune.

But perhaps the best part of the tune is at the beginning when Johnny Winter recalls a story back when he was just trying to make it has a bluesman. BB gave him some advice to keep on playing and his time will come. Well Johnny had come full circle and his time was right in front of him on this night. Johnny acknowledged BB for his encouragement. You can hear the excitment and honest gratefulness that Johnny had in his voice for B.B. A great moment.

The show is filled from start to finish with B.B. King just being himself. From the opening rave up of "Caldonia" to the stand by fan favorite "Thrill Is Gone," B.B. has the crowd healed at his side the enitire set. And he does this with grandfather like storytelling ability. This is evident when B.B. and George Benson walk through extended versions of "I Got to Get Some Outside Help" and "Just a Little Love."

The pairing of these two giants does not jump to mind but when B.B. schools the crowd in some jazz tainted licks mixed with Benson's influence, the music comes through in a big way. At times the two cop each other's style and almost have you questioning who is playing what.

The downside is the length of the show which is near one hour. The playing is strong and the sound is fantastic. A show like this only leaves on question. What took twenty years for this great night to be released?

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