Percy Strother
@ Biscuits & Blues, July 18, 1997 & Sept. 6th

Percy Strother - 7/18/97
Biscuits & Blues
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It's been over a year since Percy has played in town...about 12 months too long. After moving to the Twin Cities in the mid 1970's Percy still calls Minneapolis home even though he is on the road almost constantly now. He was born 51 years ago in Vicksburg, Mississippi and grew up absorbing the rich musical heritage of that region.

There appears to be a definite change in the musical direction Percy is taking - a positive change. His first two CD's, "A Good Woman Is Hard To Find" and "The Highway Is My Home," both featured strong blues content and style. His July show at Biscuits and Blues displayed a shift more toward the soul music he is so capable of. He combines traditional blues with strong soul and R & B influences. His strong, deep voice has that classic Memphis soul sound and is reminiscent of singers such as Eddie Hinton, Otis Redding, Little Buster Forehand and W.C. Clark. His soulful rendition of "Stand By Me" was "very" nice.

He played some of the songs from his first two CD's and almost all of the new songs from his soon to be released JSP album. The later being mostly soul and R&B flavored songs that were super to listen to. His song writing also displays a maturity and confidence in the direction he is taking. Percy can also get down and dirty with his deeeeeep vocals as he demonstrated with the classic "Down Home Blues."

Percy Strother
7/18/97 - Biscuits & Blues
Photo © 1997 by Tom Asp
All rights reserved
Percy also plays a mean blues guitar and was supported by a seasoned band at the July show with Donald Breedlove on lead guitar, Brad Martin on keyboards, Jeffrey McRaven on bass, and James Vasquez on drums. Don Breedlove plays some mighty fine guitar himself. Percy returned to Biscuits & Blues on September 6th with a new band composed of young guitarist Blair Krivanek, Taylor Hamel on drums and long time partner of Percy, Sonny Faison on bass. During this show Percy played some harmonica and the show was more straight blues oriented. He was leaving for a 6 week tour right after this so it will be interesting to see him when he returns and has the new band well broken in. Percy's new CD called "It's My Time Now Baby," from JSP, should be out when returns to town too.

Lazy Bill Lucas' comment from the 1970's, after hearing Percy sing, summed it all up when he said "Mercy, Mr. Percy!"

You can also hear Percy on the re-release of the "Ready To Go!" CD featuring The Teddy Morgan Band with R.J. Mischo on harmonica.

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