Shirley King
@ the Blues Saloon, November 29, 1996

The Daughter Of The Blues made her debut performance in the Twin Cities at the Blues Saloon recently. Shirley King is B.B. King's daughter and Daughter Of The Blues is the name of her soon to be released first album.

The Flat Broke Blues Band (what a great name), who has been playing with
Shirley for the past 2 years, started off the evening with several songs including a nicely done Stormy Monday and an Albert Collins song. Then Shirley took the stage -- by storm -- with an extended version of Hoochie Coochie (wo)Man, adapted to her own unique style. She has a powerful blues voice, is constantly in motion and has an energetic and animated stage presence -- all with one purpose in entertain her audience.

To put is simply, Shirley King is a wonderful blues entertainer. She knows anyone can sit at home and listen to a record, but when they go out to a club they want to be entertained. And entertain is what she does from the moment she starts singing. During her first number she was already out in the audience getting her soon to be new fans riled up and into the show. She improvises on the floor based on the needs of the moment and the attitude of her audience. She was sitting on laps, joking with patrons, and oh yeah she was also doing a great rendition of Muddy's song...without even a mike at several points...such a powerful voice. She was toying with the audience throughout her long version of Hoochie one point she sang "I'm 36, 24..." and then put her hands on her hips and grinned at the audience as she finished of with "...58, and a whole lot more..." By this time she had the entire audience in the palm of her hands screaming for "more."

The band consists of John Churchville on drums, Mark Johnson on Bass, Ryan Johnson on lead guitar (more rock influenced guitar) and Walt Lindala also on lead guitar (more traditional blues guitar) with Shirley on vocals. The band has a solo CD called 900 N. Third released in 1996.

During the break Shirley elaborated on her views of performing. She said a live show has to be a performance and she knows she has to give her audience more than they expect, more than their moneys worth. "I want to feel it" she says. "I want to come down into the audience and get right into their face." Interacting with her audience is very important. A live show is more than just listening to the same songs done the same way on an album she says. The audience comes to be entertained and boy does she know how. Shirley King is a great salesperson. She knows how to grab your attention right at the start and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire show.

At one point in the show she called up Liz and Leslie from the audience to join her sing Mustang Sally...some very fine vocals there from some local fans. There was also some great guitar playing by two outstanding guitar players who worked very well together. There was even a hint of Tina Turner in Shirley's version of Proud Mary.

Look for her debut CD Daughter of the Blues coming out in early 1997, and enjoy her vocal performance and definitely attend her next show!
Keep The Blues Alive!

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