Ronnie Baker Brooks
@ Whiskey Junction, May 8, 1997

There was a party going on at the Whiskey Junction in May -- it was almost like a family reunion with all the friends and relatives there to celebrate the return of the Ronnie Baker Brooks band and hometown bass player Biscuit Miller. It was also a belated birthday party, cake and all, for Wayne Baker Brooks.

Ronnie Baker Brooks, the son of Lonnie Brooks, is carrying on the family business of great blues guitar playing. Ronnie was joined on stage with his brother Wayne Baker Brooks on guitar, Dave "Biscuit" Miller on bass, Chris Wander on keyboards, and James Knowles on drums. The band performed a mixture of original and classic Chicago blues songs. One standout early in the show was a new song by Ronnie called When Do I Stand In Line, a very soulful rhythm and blues flavored song. Ronnie said this along with several more will be on his first album which they will be working on later this year. There was also a fun version of the song Messin' With The Kid which Ronnie said was the first song he learned how to play. They did it with a funky, reggae beat. He said "here is a song from Chicago, that we took to Jamaica, then through Texas, and back to Chicago."

Both Ronnie and Wayne's guitar playing can be described as remarkable! They make it look so easy and make their guitars actually talk the language of the blues. At different times they were joined on stage by friends Daddy I (on guitar) and Big Walter Smith. During Big Walter's singing of Sweet Little Angel there were some powerful solos by the "Blues Brothers" Ronnie and Wayne, Daddy I and the rest of the band that just left you standing with your mouth open in amazement!

Photo Copyright 1996/97 by Chuck Winans.

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