Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
@ The Cabooze, November 13, 1997

Robert Bradley
The Cabooze - 11/13/97
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My 15 year old daughter asked me recently if I knew of a band called Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise. I said "of course, I'm going to see them in a few weeks." Her immediate response was "I have to go see them!" I then gave her my copy of their CD to listen to...and never got it back. She has since memorized all the songs and just loves this guy. I asked her why she liked Robert Bradley and she said it was a combination of his voice, the sound of the band and the lyrics. She said "when I first heard the song "Once Upon A Time" I was glued to the sound of the music and his voice - the mixture of a soul voice backed by a rock and roll band was so exciting and original." Robert Bradley, blind since birth, has spent the past two decades singing on the streets of Detroit and developing a strong soulful voice that just drips with raw emotion and feeling. Bradley's Otis Redding/Wilson Picket sounding vocals is a throw back to the hey days of the 1960's Memphis/Stax/Muscle Sholes sound. A chance meeting with his band led to the recording of their first album, extensive touring this past year and the recent release of several videos being shown on MTV. This has exposed a whole new audience to their remarkable music.

Michael Nehra & Robert Bradley
The Fine Line - 1997
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This is raw, emotion laden soul music with an alternative rock supporting band that serves up some great Motown soul/blues. This is "Motown with an attitude" blues. Bradley is backed by brother's Andrew Nehra on bass and Michael Nehra on guitar, Jeff Fowlkes on drums and Tim Diaz on keyboards. During their recent show at the Cabooze they did many of the songs from this debut RCA CD the self titled "Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise." All the songs were written or co-written by Robert Bradley and feature a noteworthy collection of modern day soul. Definitely a group to keep an eye on and catch the next time they come through town (they will appear at the Cabooze again January 22, 1998). I have to compliment my daughter on her good taste in music.

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