Larry Garner
Blues Saloon's 11th anniversary party, September 13th & 14th, featuring Larry Garner & Tuck's famous BBQ chicken.

Larry Garner's show was as hot and spicy as the Blues Saloon's own Tuck's BBQ sauce. Garner is from Baton Rouge and plays not only the Louisiana blues of that region popularized by the likes of Slim Harpo, Lightning Slim and Silas Hogan, but also some very tasty modern blues that is all his own. He has a very good blues voice, writes thought provoking and topical blues songs and plays solid lead guitar that really complements and brings out the feeling of his material. His show was fun, he is a great story teller and he knows how to grab and hold on to the audience.

After his first set, Garner came off the stage, walked right up to me (I just happened to be sitting in the front row nearest the stage) and shook my hand. After autographing a copy of his CD for me we talked for a few minutes and then he was off greeting the rest of the audience. I think he shook the hand of just about everyone in the room. He signed my copy of his CD You Need To Live A Little (PolyGram/Verve) "to Ray, Keep the Blues Alive!!" And that's where I got the idea for the title of this TCBN feature.

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