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Carey Bell
@ Famous Dave's, August 15, 1998
by Steve Felling

Carey Bell
Famous Dave's 8/15/98
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It's been two years since Carey Bell last graced these fair Twin Cities. What a triumphant return it was. Last time through town his band didn't make it so a group of Twin Cities' musicians backed him. This time through he brought his excellent band with. Steve Jacobs on guitar (9 years), T.A. James on bass (2 1/2 years) and Tom Parker on drums (3 years). They set the stage for Carey to be at his best.

The passing of his friend Junior Wells in January must have put the fear of God in him. Perhaps feeling his own mortality after an illness earlier this year, 61 year old Carey played like there was no tomorrow. He had the energy of a two-year-old. He never let up on stage. He played harp with such passion, sang with such conviction and even danced while the band jammed onstage. He performed two sets playing liberally from his two Alligator albums "Deep Down" and "Good Luck Man".

Carey Bell has really come into his own these last few years. If his excellent live shows are any indication he will soon ascend to legendary status. This is truly one of the Chicago greats playing today. You owe it to yourself to see him perform live at least once.

This review is copyright © 1998 by Steve Felling, all rights reserved.

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