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Wallace Hartley & The Titanics
Wallace Hartley may have been the bandmaster on the Titanic, but THIS band definitely did not go down with the ship. In fact, they keep any ship, or stage for that matter, afloat all night long. The loyal fans of this band are young, boisterous and fun loving -- and there are lots of them.

The group, originally from North Dakota and now living in the Twin Cities, is made up of Joel Schaan on guitar and vocals, Toby Schaan on bass, Pat Phillips on guitar, Zach Swanson on drums, Todd Stewart on baritone sax, Matt Darling on trombone, Daryk Narum on tenor & alto sax, and Andra Suchy on vocals. They play a mixture of jazzy, jump blues that is made for dancing. They also add in some traditional blues, big band jazz and even a little classic rock, all done with high energy and a definite up-tempo groove. The guitar playing of Pat Phillips and Joel Schaan is outstanding, and the lead singing of Suchy is a real treat. She has a great voice with a strong soul influence that is a pleasure to listen to. The horn section adds a full, big band sound to the group that allows them to play many different styles of music with ease.

The group's first CD, "Wallace Hartley & the Titanics" was released in 1995 and features the high energy jump blues heard at their live shows. Their newest CD, "Jelly Fish Patrol" was just released in 1998. If you enjoy dancing to a big band sound or just want to have a good time you canít go wrong by attending one of their shows.

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