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Smokiní Joe Kubek featuring Bnois King
Smokiní Joe Kubek is one of those people who was born to play the guitar. Kubek has the technique and the chops to burn up any stage and has been doing so for the past 27 years. A guitar prodigy at the age of 14 the Texas born guitar slinger frequented the Dallas bar scene during the 1970ís and early 80ís playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan and people like the three Kings, BB., Albert and Freddie. He was even ready to go on tour with Freddie King before his death. Kubek didnít hit his stride, however, until he teamed up with jazz guitarist Bnois King 10 years ago. Kubek, with his staggering arsenal of instruments, effects and technique, delivers a frenzied, flame-throwing guitar display that is tempered by the remarkable accompaniment of Bnois Kingís jazz influenced guitar. Kubek, coming from the blazing Texas blues/rock background, found in Bnois Kingís smooth jazz guitar stylings a finesse and fat chord sound that was a perfect complement to his technique. The combination just clicked with a seamless mesh of styles. King lays down a bed of smooth supporting jazz chords on his hollow bodied Gibson that allows Kubek to take center stage and play with almost reckless abandon. Together this dynamic duo has recorded 6 albums for Bullseye Blues & Jazz Records, the newest being the 1998 "Take Your Best Shot." So buckle up and get ready for a one-two punch, thrill-a-minute ride of high-octane Texas blues.

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