Mick Sterling
Featuring the Stud Brother's Horns

When a performer can make you experience both joy and sorrow in one night, you know it is special. Blue-eyed-soul and R&B singer Mick Sterling is one such performer who is honoring the tradition of the great soul legends. Mick Sterling & the Stud Brothers have been a popular attraction on the Twin Cities music scene for the past nine years. The band, born in 1988, started as an excuse to play the great songs by Tower Of Power, James Brown, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, and other soul and R&B greats. They decided to put together a ten piece band, with 5 horns, which at that time no one was doing. They proposed an unusual idea of playing on Sunday nights at a popular club in Minneapolis, a night not proven for people to see a band. Within a year, Mick Sterling & the Stud Brothers were having lines of fans out the door, sometimes in the dead of winter, to come and see this fresh act. Through all of this, Mick has proven to be a strong supporter of his community. Because of the success of the band, Mick has been able to put together benefits to raise money for different charities including Camp Heartland, the nations largest summer camp for children living with HIV/AIDs. His benefit, Heart & Soul has turned into the largest fund-raiser in the nation for Camp Heartland. With the release of his new CD, "Nothing Less Than Everything", Mick is pushing as hard as ever with a schedule that has included more than 200 shows a year for the past six years.

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