Preston Shannon

Preston Shannon has that definite Otis Redding quality about his singing and proves to be one of the better representatives of southern soul on the circuit today. His raspy, forceful and expressive vocals simmer and soar as he soothes, grooves and moves like the best of the legendary Memphis soul singers. Shannon is a master of vocal control and phrasing and can switch from deep rooted soul to down-and-dirty blues easier than anyone. If that weren’t enough, when he plugs in, Shannon’s stinging guitar delivery conjures up images of Albert and Freddie King, Little Milton and T-Bone Walker. This is great playing.

Born in Olive Branch, Mississippi, his family moved to Memphis when he was 8. There he heard and fell in love with the blues. He began playing around town at age 18 and for the next 20 years played in a succession of Memphis bands on weekends. A break came in 1987 when he toured with Shirley Brown and gained the confidence that he could do this on his own. In 1991 he put together his own band and today, with two highly regarded albums under his belt, and a regular at clubs on the legendary Beale Street, Preston Shannon is ready to bring his brand of soulful blues to the rest of the world. His latest Bullseye release, "Midnight In Memphis," has created a sensation within the rhythm and blues market and is destined to become a classic. We are fortunate to have Preston Shannon on stage at this years Bayfront Blues Festival.

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