The Butler Twins

Clarence and Curtis Butler have been playing the blues since the age of eight. Born in 1942 in Florence, Alabama, The Butler Twins learned the blues from their guitar playing father, Willie "Butch" Butler" and his harmonica playing partner, Raymond Edwards. Their earliest influences, besides their father and Edwards, were Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson. A little later they discovered John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed and Lightnin' Hopkins. Their style of blues reflects a melding of these great sources into a form that remains untouched by time. The Butler Twins play that direct, down-home, gut-bucket brand of blues with strong Delta and early Chicago influences. The deep toned harmonica playing of Clarence in particular, is right out of the 1950's Chicago tradition. Listening to their song "Might As Well" from their new album, is almost like finding an early unreleased Jimmy Rogers/Little Walter recording.

In the early 1960's the twins moved to Detroit where they quickly became a part of the thriving Detroit blues scene. Representing the working man's side of Detroit Blues, The Butler Twins are a local Detroit treasure and have been one of the best kept secrets in blues today -- until now that is. You can hear their gritty, raw and passionate blues sound on the new Cannonball Records "Blues Across America: The Detroit Scene" along with Johnnie Bassett and Alberta Adams.

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