Bob Bingham

Bob Bingham has been playing guitar since he was fifteen years old. In the early 1970's he moved from the Detroit area to Minneapolis where he co-founded the Lamont Cranston Blues Band with Pat Hayes. After two years Bob moved to California where he joined Kim Wilson's band. Returning to the Twin Cities, Bingham and Wilson started a new band, Aces, Straights & Shuffles, which enjoys a legendary status to this day among blues fans in the area. After Kim Wilson moved to Texas to form the Fabulous Thunderbirds Bob spent the next ten years playing with every well-known blues player that came through town.

Today, Bob splits his time between homes in Phoenix and northern Minnesota devoting all his time to playing acoustic country blues. He has been touring extensively in Europe with his next tour scheduled for October. You can hear the influences of Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller, Mance Lipscomb, Big Bill Broonzy, Lightnin' Hopkins and Mississippi John Hurt in his playing. His first solo album "Alone At Last" displays his talents as a song writer. Bob has a new album out this year that features duets of country blues with long time friend Gordon Thorne called "Out Of The Desert & Into The Blues." During his thirty year career, Bob Bingham has played every kind of blues imaginable from jump blues to the solo acoustic country blues he embraces today. Bob Bingham is a truly versatile and talented performer and his music is a true treat for the ears.

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