Blues Debris

Turbo-charged blues with high-energy rock characterize one of the Twin Ports most popular blues/rock bands. Blues Debris was formed less than three years ago by harmonica player Steve Anthony. Steve's harp playing is characterized by the fast riffs of Blues Traveler's John Popper and the high-crying bends of Junior wells. His diverse harmonica influences are founded in the classic Chicago blues of the 1950's. The rhythm section is ably handled by Tom Vold on bass and new comer to the band, Corey Radford on drums. Vold has a background that brings a combination of jazz, funk and rock influences to the band. Blues Debris is led by two of the finest blues/rock guitarists in the Twin Ports. On rhythm and lead guitar and back-up vocals is Rick Bloomquist. Rick covers a broad range of musical styles with his excellent guitar playing, from B.B. King to Eric Clapton. His versatility and ability to cover all styles of music make his playing an important ingredient in the band's successful sound. Don Douglas fronts the band with his remarkably forceful and expressive lead guitar playing. He also has an entertaining lead vocal style that easily slips from blues to country and folk to rock. His blistering guitar solos draw on the influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Thackery and Jimi Hendrix. Don's skillful guitar playing sounds as good on the carefully picked cover tunes as it does on his own compositions. Blues Debris always delivers the best in high-test guitar and harp-driven blues/rock in the Twin Ports area, so get ready to boogie.

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