Gary Primich

Hard blowing harmonica player Gary "Mr. Freeze" Primich draws on a rich tradition of Chicago blues musicians. A long time resident of Austin, Texas, Primich’s writing, harp playing and singing have both a city attitude and the Midwestern charm of his Indiana upbringing. Primich was hooked on the blues after first hearing Hound Dog Taylor on the Chicago radio station WXRT. Then after hearing James Cotton and Primich’s main mentor, Big Walter Horton, he picked up his first harmonica and hasn’t looked back. He eventually played on Chicago’s legendary Maxwell Street in a band with LV Banks and also worked with a number of classic Chicago artists including Byther Smith, & Dave Myers. Armed with his Chicago street smarts, Primich relocated to Austin in 1984 and formed the Mannish Boys. After two albums with that group he has released four more solo albums including the critically acclaimed "Mr. Freeze" and his new Black Top release "Company Man." Primich plays harmonica with that wide amplified tone that draws on the rich tradition of the classic Chicago harmonica masters without being confined by that style. He incorporates jazz and country influences and is not afraid to take risks. He is expanding the blues without losing touch with its roots. Charlie Musselwhite said "I really like his approach, his tone, and the way he experiments and stretches out…he’s not just playing the same old stuff we’ve all heard way too much of."

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