Magic Dick & Jay Geils

A musical journey, rooted in the blues, that began in the late 1960ís came to full fruition in 1992 when Magic Dick and Jay Geils reunited after a ten year hiatus from the music business. After meet in college in Worcester, MA, Dick and Jay discovered a mutual passion for the blues. In the late 1960ís Boston club scene the J. Geils Blues Band regularly jammed with the likes of Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, James Cotton and John Lee Hooker. This Chicago blues sound was part of the early J. Geils Bandís original inspiration. After their initial success as a blues band they expanded the line up and eventually plugged-in hitting the big time. Fifteen years and fourteen albums later they called it quits. After a ten year absence from music Magic Dick said he woke up one day a few years ago and realized he had to get back to his roots. Around the same time Jay Geils had begun jamming again with a new blues band. The result was the 1995 "Bluestime" CD that mixes classic Chicago blues and traditional jazz, recorded with Count Basieís credo, "keep it simple, sincere and swinginí at all times." Their current performances center around the soul wrenching harp playing and vocal stylings of Magic Dick and the passionately tasteful and superb guitar playing of Jay Geils. They are playing the music that originally inspired them, a blend of Chicago blues and swinging jazz. So get ready for some great blues or as Louis Armstrong would say at least once at every show, "And now folks, itís Bluestime."

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