Junior Kimbrough
A remembrance by Kenny Brown
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I asked Kenny Brown if he had any reflections on Junior Kimbrough and this is what he had to say.

Yeah, plenty of them. It was really good to see so many people at the funeral (800 people). Junior Kimbrough was a really great guy, so cool. I've really been blessed to have known & played with so many of these great guys from this area. Junior was so much fun to be around, we had a lot of good experiences on the road and at home. I remember playing in Oxford one night with Junior, Kent & David Kimbrough. Junior asked me how long he had to play, I told him it was a one hour show, he said "Oh shit man that's a long time, I guess we can do it." When he ended the first song I looked at my watch & we had been playing for 30 minutes, we ended the 2nd & the hour was gone. Junior's music was so hypnotic, I've seen people who at first, said they didn't really like what he was doing, but after about 20 minutes you could look at them & their whole body would be swaying back & forth, then they would be one of the last ones out of the place. There's so many stories, if I ever feel confident about my writing I'll put them in a book.

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