Junior Kimbrough

FROM: Fat Possum Records
P.O. Box 1923
Oxford, MS 38655

January 17, 1998 - For Immediate Release

Oxford, MS--Junior Kimbrough, born July 28, 1930, died this morning at age 67, due to heart failure. Junior was a respected musician and juke joint proprietor from Holly Springs, MS.

Junior's first album, "All Night Long," brought both his talent, and the efforts of the then-fledgling Fat Possum label to national acclaim. This record was the first collaboration with music critic Robert Palmer, which continued until Palmer's death late last year. Junior's other albums for Fat Possum included, "Sad Days, Lonely Nights," and "Most Things Haven't Worked Out."

He is survived by 36 children. Funeral services will be held on Saturday at 12:00 PM in the Doxey Building at Rust College in Holly Springs, MS.

Donations to assist the family with burial expenses, or condolences to his family, may be sent to:

Mildred Washington
c/o Fat Possum Records
P.O. Box 1923
Oxford, MS 38655

Email condolences may be directed to: ftpossum@watervalley.net

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