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CD Review
Theodis Ealey
Ichiban Records D2 24934-2, 13 tracks, 50 minutes
If you like your blues with a strong R&B/soul influence (along the lines of W.C. Clark and Preston Shannon), you’ll love this new CD. Theodis Ealey, known world-wide as a skilled guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, has been performing since the tender age of 13. Ealey has a tasteful yet raw, biting, and incisive guitar style that complements his vocals and supports each song without overplaying them. His confident vocals have that rough, down home blues quality with strong soul leanings that make for a delightful musical experience.

Ealey’s previous 3 Ichiban albums have all been more in the classic soul style, but he made a conscious effort to record this new CD in a more traditional blues style. "I felt very comfortable making this record because I was recording some of my favorite songs," Theodis states. "I even recorded ‘A Song For My Daughter,’ one of the three original tracks on the release." There are also a few slower ballads and The Ivory Joe Hunter classic "Since I Met You Baby," with a rawer, more bluesy sound than the original. The Willie Nelson song "Funny How Time Slips Away" never sounded sweeter. From the exceptionally clear guitar stylings to the winsome vocals, that even had a slight tremolo, he transformed this country classic into pure R&B. There is even an original acoustic number, "I’ve Got The Blues," that is as good as any new acoustic blues being recorded today.

Theodis Ealey’s new CD is an album that features his musical diversity and energetic delivery and makes for one enjoyable listen. This is one performer I hope gets booked in the Twin Cities soon.

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