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CD Review
Slim Hippos
Palisade Records
by Kurt Koehler
The Slim Hippos have been rocking area rooms for a couple of years and now you can have them rocking in your own living room with their new "Hippnotized" CD. Most of the 13 songs on the CD were written and sung by guitarist, Jim Ouska, with the exceptions of "Tomorrow's Dead & Gone and "It Don't Show," which are written and sung by keyboardist, Tim Murray, and drummer, Patrick Hulme respectively. Rounding out the Slim Hippos quartet is John E. Brown on bass.

"Hipponotized" is a fine collection of styles and influences from New Orleans type grooves ("Angelina"), to blues ballads and soulful tracks, to rock blues ("Feel Like Giving Up" and "Here I Come") and swing blues ("Wild Child") as well. As somewhat eclectic as the influences are on this set, it all works well together and rather than sounding like it's going in varoius directions at once, the overall sound is a collaboration of decidedly blues styles.

The centerpiece of the Slim Hippos sound is the exceptional guitarwork by Jim Ouska. He's backed very capably by the band, and particularly, by the supportive interplay of Tim Murray on the keyboards which provides depth to the overall sound. Hulme and Brown provide a solid backdrop for Ouska and Murray and the result is a very together product. Ehancements are provided by a host of studio stand-ins, including Jeff King on saxophone, as well as Jane Aleckson on a fine duet with Ouska on "The Times We Used To Know."

All in all, "Hippnotized" is a fine offering by a fine local band. (Check out the calendar section for a Slim Hippos appearance somewhere near you).

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