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Would you like to help increase the traffic to your website? Now you can take advantage of the world-wide blues traffic that Blues On Stage gets daily by placing a banner on our website.

BLUES ON STAGE is one of the most active blues sites on the internet with more than 5000 individual visits per month from around the world.  In 1999 the site was awarded the "Keeping the Blues Alive Award" for achievement for blues on the internet, from the Blues Foundation, sponsor of the W.C. Handy Awards.  BLUES ON STAGE features one of the largest Live and CD Review sections on the internet with contributing writers from the around the  U.S. and England (see below for website traffic statistics).

Placement: A banner for your website will be placed on the home page of both and as well as other locations on our growing number of domains (i.e.,,,, etc.). Your banner will be rotated within the list of other banners throughout the term of your subscription. You can also pay a premium for placement within the top 7 spots (limited availability and other than the top spot for several more months).

Banner Size: For uniformity all banner ads will be 360 pixels wide x 60 pixels high.

Banner forwarding: All banners, when clicked, will take visitors directly to your website.

Banner Design: You can submit your own banner (as long as it is the correct size noted above 360 x 60) or we can design one for you. The cost for us to design your banner is $50.

Banner Placement Cost: $30 for 6 months or $55 for one year. Plus an additional $35 premium if you would like placement within the top 7 banner listings with the 12 month subscription (limited availability).

12 months banner ad placement:

6 months banner ad placement:

Premium ad placement with 12 month subscription - additional $35 (this is in addition to the 12 month subscription fee of $55).

Affiliate Program: If I host your website, I can also create and run your banner for No Charge). Call or email with any questions.

Examples: See below for some of the banner ads currently running on Blues On Stage:


If you are into Blues music and would like to play more yourself. Check out electric guitars or those cool harmonicas if you want to play with the best musicians practice makes perfect.

The best place to practice your electric bass guitar is wherever you are. Make sure and get a sturdy deluxe bass guitar case so your baby doesn't get scratched on the road. Here's some fun history about the bass guitar.

Playing the Blues guitar is about feeling. The electric guitar is a great instrument in Blues music. The harmonica is another great way of expressing feelings into music.

Statistics show that playing music is therapeutic. If you'd like to try a new instrument the digital piano is a great place to start. The only way to get better is to practice everyday and bring your keyboard case with you can't miss.

Some of the greatest blues players of all time started playing on a simple acoustic guitar. You always have to start somewhere and once you learn moving onto an amazing electric guitar can make us all feel like Johnny "Clyde" Copeland.














St. Paul Blues Fest

Steve Renner



Larry Thurston-Cousin Moe Music

Portraits In Performance Photography

Barrelhouse Chuck

Twin Cities Youth Jazz Camp

Osee Anderson Sr.

BWS Banner

Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society

Shawn Murphy

Barrelhouse Chuck

Next Step: Send your payment ($30 for 6 months or $55 for 12) to the address below (or use the secure on-line PayPal order buttons). Either email your banner or send design fee along with any banner content and pictures to the address/email below. Call or email if you have any questions.

Phone: 952-941-0328
Blues On Stage:
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Blues On Stage
% Ray Stiles
PO Box 582983
Minneapolis, MN 55458

12 months banner ad placement:

6 months banner ad placement:

Premium ad placement with 12 month subscription - additional $35 (this is in addition to the 12 month subscription fee of $55).

Blues On Stage - winner of the Blues Foundation's Keeping the Blues Alive Award for Achievement for Blues On The Internet!

Website Traffic Statistics: Blues On Stage has individual visitors from more than 65 countries from around the world and we are approaching our 300,000 site visit!

Country Unique Visitors:
.com US Commercial 25600 33.41%
- Unknown 20703 27.02%
.net Network 19315 25.20%
.edu US Educational 1492 1.94%
.us United States 1321 1.72%
.ca Canada 976 1.27%
.uk United Kingdom 777 1.01%
.org Non-Profit Organizations 636 0.83%
.gov US Government 635 0.82%
.be Belgium 555 0.72%
.nl Netherlands 537 0.70%
.it Italy 445 0.58%
.fr France 373 0.48%
.de Germany 365 0.47%
.au Australia 279 0.36%
.jp Japan 252 0.32%
.se Sweden 244 0.31%
.pl Poland 218 0.28%
.dk Denmark 194 0.25%
.es Spain 168 0.21%
.no Norway 152 0.19%
.fi Finland 140 0.18%
.mil US Military 123 0.16%
.ch Switzerland 114 0.14%
.br Brazil 111 0.14%
.at Austria 102 0.13%
.nz New Zealand 97 0.12%
.ar Argentina 75 0.09%
.gr Greece 68 0.08%
.mx Mexico 50 0.06%
.pt Portugal 42 0.05%
.hr Croatia 41 0.05%
.cz Czech Republic 35 0.04%
.hu Hungary 34 0.04%
.ru Russian Federation 32 0.04%
.lu Luxembourg 31 0.04%
.arpa Old style Arpanet 25 0.03%
.il Israel 23 0.03%
.mk Macedonia 18 0.02%
.sk Slovak Republic 17 0.02%
.cl Chile 13 0.01%
.my Malaysia 12 0.01%
.ee Estonia 12 0.01%
.sg Singapore 10 0.01%
.yu Yugoslavia 10 0.01%
.ro Romania 10 0.01%
.za South Africa 9 0.01%
.id Indonesia 9 0.01%
.is Iceland 9 0.01%
.ie Ireland 8 0.01%
.tw Taiwan 8 0.01%
.tr Turkey 8 0.01%
.si Slovenia 6 0.00%
.lv Latvia 6 0.00%
.lt Lithuania 5 0.00%
.sa Saudi Arabia 5 0.00%
.co Colombia 5 0.00%
.hk Hong Kong 5 0.00%
.bg Bulgaria 4 0.00%
.pe Peru 4 0.00%
.su Former USSR 4 0.00%
.uy Uruguay 3 0.00%
.cn China 3 0.00%
.ae United Arab Emirates 3 0.00%
.int International 2 0.00%
.in India 2 0.00%
.ph Philippines 2 0.00%
.ua Ukraine 2 0.00%
.th Thailand 2 0.00%
.ve Venezuela 2 0.00%
.lb Lebanon 2 0.00%
.bo Bolivia 1 0.00%
.uz Uzbekistan 1 0.00%
.kr South Korea 1 0.00%
.sm San Marino 1 0.00%
.ma Morocco 1

Continents Unique Visitors:
Unknown (.net, .org, etc.) 40696 53.11%
North-America 30197 39.41%
Europe 4751 6.20%
Australia 376 0.49%
Asia 374 0.48%
South & Central America 216 0.27%
Africa 10 0.01%

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